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Whether you are anxious, depressed, overwhelmed with personal or professional dynamics, stuck in self-critical and harmful patterns, or looking for clarity and growth in your relationships or yourself, change IS possible. After nearly two decades of experience helping individuals and families, I strongly believe in the effectiveness of psychotherapy to heal wounds, resolve blocks, change patterns, and find confidence and purpose.


I believe that psychotherapy is both an art and a science. Evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy (“CBT”), are active, effective, and thoroughly researched therapies that focus on how thoughts and feelings influence behaviors. I will guide you in developing a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings—both conscious and unconscious. I will support and encourage you as you make positive changes in your thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, and habits. You CAN feel better and live the life you want.


My style is warm, authentic, and nurturing. I am an active and engaged therapist who offers a collaborative and supportive partnership. I specialize in helping individuals struggling with anxiety and depression; women’s mental health, including issues of motherhood and perinatal mental health; issues affecting adolescence; and helping families during periods of disruption, transition, and challenge.

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