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I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat clients. It is an active, effective, and thoroughly researched therapy that focuses on how our thoughts and feelings influence our actions. I emphasize a collaborative relationship, and encourage my clients to take an active role in our work together. We develop a plan of action, based on evidence based practices as well as client strengths and preferences.



New motherhood is often a challenging time. High expectations, social pressures, isolation and loss of identity combined with sleep deprivation and hormonal instability contribute to these challenges. I will offer you the support you need and together we will work to set a positive trajectory for your experience of motherhood.


Up to 85% of new mothers experience what is referred to as the "baby blues." Many women also suffer from Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Anxiety. In fact, studies show that as many as 1 in 5 meet the criteria for such a diagnosis. If you or a family member are concerned, I will provide an evaluation and collaborative treatment. There are many resources available to you and you do not need to suffer alone. With help, this will pass.

I have been clinically trained in Postpartum Mood Disorders from Postpartum Support International and Postpartum Action Institute. Two pioneers and leaders in the field of Postpartum Mood Disorders, Jane Honikman, MS and Dr. Shoshana S. Bennett, have personally trained and mentored me and deeply impact my practice.


I specialize in helping families in periods of disruption, transition, and stabilization including parental separation and divorce, adoption, parent addiction issues, crisis intervention, and the common--yet often overwhelming--challenges of raising a family.

There are many moments of challenge that a family will experience. When a challenge overwhelms your ability to cope in healthy ways, working with a trained therapist can be enormously helpful. With my support and guidance, your family's challenge can be set on a course for change and growth.

With over a decade of experience, there are few situations that I have not seen and helped families through. During periods of disruption and transition, I believe families are best served by a therapist trained to understand them as a system of closely connected individuals. Trained in family systems theory, I will work with your family as a system in progress. Together we will strengthen communication, resolve conflicts, and work towards shared goals.

I specialize in issues affecting adolescence, the teen years. This includes anxiety and depression, behavioral issues, self esteem and body image issues, eating disorders, cutting, and drug and alcohol related issues.
The teenage years are a time for personal challenges to appear. It is also an ideal opportunity to address these issues, promote change, and set a path towards emotional health. By developing a deeper understanding of oneself, engaging supportive thought patterns, and creating a solid set of positive coping tools, teen clients learn to successfully meet life's challenges.
Teenagers learn that I am their ally and together we collaborate in setting goals, developing plans and sharpening skills. We work together to find their best strategies and solutions, developing positive tools, patterns, and habits to live their best life. New skills for healthy coping and positive self-talk will set the path for a future of healthy relationships and personal happiness.
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